2016 Summer Box Top Challenge

It’s time to turn in the Box Tops that you’ve been collecting all summer long!! YOU could win the 2016 Summer Box Top Challenge!

Box Tops

Each grade level will have 1 winner for the most Box Tops turned in.  The winner will receive

A Crisp, New $5 Bill!

Our school collected almost $1,000 in Box Tops last year… it all adds up! Ask your grandparents, daycare, neighbors… how many can you clip??

Print your COLLECTION FORM here or simply tape or glue 25 Box Tops on a sheet of paper. Or, put bundles of 50 in baggies.  (Please, no expired Box Tops!)

Turn your Box Tops in to your teacher (with YOUR NAME and your TEACHER’s NAME) by

Wednesday, October 26.

Check out the new Box Tops Bonus App to earn even more for our school!

Box Tops Bonus App