Internet Safety

The presentation at the December 2011 PTO meeting was on Internet Safety.  PTO TODAY ( provided a presentation and materials to educate families on how to raise children to be good ‘digital citizens’.  Teaching our children to be good digital citizens is a critical way to keep them safe online and to ensure they use digital technology in ways that enrich their lives.

  • Being a good digital citizen is really the same as being a good citizen, period.
  • It means treating people with respect and notifying an adult when someone is being hurtful or harming themselves or someone else.
  • It means being aware of risks and taking steps to protect your privacy, your reputation, your hard drive.
  • In short, being a good digital citizen means knowing how to use personal technology and behaving online as you do off.

Internet Safety PTO Presentation Content:

12/8/2011 Internet Safety Presentation


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Cyber Bullying

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