Box Tops

BoxTopsforEducationClipArtScissorsThe classrooms compete against each other to see who can bring in the most Box Tops.  The winning classes receive a “Popcorn Party” at different times throughout the year.  Keep clipping all year long!

Don’t stop collecting over the summer!  A “Welcome Back” Box Tops Contest is held each year for the student who turns in the most Box Tops!  You could win a Giant Candy Bar!

For a Box Tops collection form Click Here.   You may also  simply tape 25 Box Tops on a sheet of paper, or put 50 in a baggie.  Please help your students clip their Box Tops. Expired coupons, or ones missing the expiration dates, can not be submitted.

Learn more at the Box Tops Site.

Here is a list of Participating Box Top Products.

Thank you to our volunteers for the work they do to get our box tops counted and submitted!