Welcome to the Hiawatha Elementary

Parent Teacher Organization

We are a Parent-Teacher Organization, or PTO. 
As a parent or person affiliated with the school, you are already a member!
(Unlike a PTA, there are no dues to be a part of this organization.)

We welcome your input, suggestions, and volunteerism!

Studies show that KIDS with involved parents DO BETTER in School!

Learn what is happening “behind the scenes” at school.

Help us provide recognition and special activities for the whole school and staff.

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Welcome PTO 2021-2022
Executive Board

President – Jen Stroh
Vice President – Leah Moser

Secretary – Angel Orsini

Treasurer – Erica Diehl

Hiawatha PTO

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(Please, PLEASE DO NOT PARK  or get out of your car in the horseshoe drive in front of the school! It blocks the buses.) 

Morning Drop Off:  8:40-8:45 am
*No early drop off this school year**

School Hours:  8:50 am – 3:50 pm
Early Dismissal every Friday:  8:50 am – 2:20 pm
Late Start Hours:  10:50 am – 3:50 pm



Main Office: 319-558-2172
Fax: 319-558-2646
Attendance: 319-558-2793 


Principal: Stephen Probert
Building Secretary: Robin Shaver
Counselor: Alisha Erickson
Facilitator: Joe Kramer 



Dismissal Routine

Grades K-2
will be dismissed south of the primary wing, labeled with the #1 on the map.  Families with children in both the K-2 and 3-5 wings are asked to pick up both of their children in the area labeled #1 on the map.

Grades 3-5
Some parents use the staff parking lot to pick up their 3-5 grade students. If parents use this parking lot, please know that students will be called in an orderly fashion from the waiting labeled #2 on the attached map.  There will be staff members standing at each x on the map to call children to cars.

Daycare Vans
The areas of 9th Avenue, labeled #3 on the attached map, are only for daycare vans registered with the school.

Do Not Park in the Horseshoe
From 3:15-4:00 pm, the area labeled #4 on the map, will be coned off for school bus parking only.