It’s time to start submitting your BoxTops!

Hiawatha Has a New Box Tops for Education Promotion. This year we are giving students the chance to win classroom prizes all year long!  Here’s how:

  • Submit BoxTops on paper or in baggies labeled with the teacher’s name.
  • Each time a classroom collects 1,000 Box Tops, the classroom will receive a prize!
  • Classrooms can win multiple prizes by continuing to collect and submit Box Tops throughout the year.

Our school received a check for $1,003.60 last December for Box Tops… it all adds up! Ask your grandparents, neighbors… how many can you clip???

 It is Easy to turn in Box Tops:

  1. Check the date… Expired Box Tops don’t count!
  2. Package your box tops
    • Glue 25 Box Tops on a piece of paper. Find fun collection sheets HERE.  -or-
    • Count Box Tops into baggies and write the number on the baggie with a permanent marker (50 per baggie at most).
    • Bonus Box Tops must be submitted separately. Just put them in a baggie with your teacher’s name, and we’ll do the rest.
  3. Write your name and your teacher’s name on the baggie or envelope so your classroom gets the credit!